Friday, January 22, 2010

January 22, 2010 - Yay! Clapping!

Yesterday Grace started clapping! Even though that was something I've been "working on" for months, she finally decided that she was interested in doing it. She is a conservative clapper, though; she does not dole out applause liberally and, I would guess, will not be one of these people who gives a standing ovation to just ANY performance. She seems to enjoy clapping for herself the most. No self-confidence issues over here so far. She is doing G-R-E-A-T on her new schedule and we are working on sign language right now (I'm a little slow, but better late than never). She can do the sign for "milk" and definitely understands the sign for "water", even though she isn't doing that one yet. "Eat", "Please" and "Thank you" are the ones I'm tackling next. It is never too early to work on manners!

These are some cute shots from this week:

Bath's nice to air out in the evening.
Grace definitely thinks that one of the funniest things ever is watching Kristoffer do yoga. She gets REALLY close to him when he is doing it - like she wants to somehow be doing it too.
Per usual...

This week Grace also learned that there is a new baby in town (and by "town" I mean: back in Massachusetts) because Joanna, Dave & Will welcomed baby Fintan last weekend (congratulations!). In lieu of being able to meet Fintan just yet, Grace cozied up to another newbie: Baby Naia, who is our friend Rachael's 6-week old little girl:

Adorable, teeny-tiny newborn meets
adorable, not-s0-teeny-tiny (nearly) 11 month old!

Life is good - cheers for the weekend!

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