Friday, January 15, 2010

January 15, 2010 - Housebound

This week Grace and I have been housebound.

At first it was self-imposed. I have been training her to eat and sleep on a very specific schedule, and I didn't want to start making exceptions to the schedule until she had it down. I can happily report that she is making great strides in both the eating and the sleeping departments. We have eliminated all night-time feedings, understanding that Grace's desire to nurse back to sleep when she wakes up during the night is more related to comfort than hunger. The first two nights she cried for a few hours during the night (Kristoffer was responsible for periodic soothing, while not picking her up), the third night she slept almost 9 hours straight without making a peep (Hallelujah!) and last night she cried two times but easily went back to sleep went Kristoffer went in to say goodnight. This is wonder-progress as far as I am concerned. I have been forcing her to nap at specific times and she almost doesn't cry for that anymore either. This week I have gotten more sleep than I have gotten since she was born, without a doubt.

In the feeding department, she is nursing less and at more specific intervals and she is sitting at the table 5 times a day for small meals (at 9, 11, 1, 3:45, and 6). There will usually be 1 or 2 "meals" a day where she doesn't eat that much, but I think her body is adjusting to the schedule and if I tally up how much she is eating overall, it is definitely more than before this new schedule. So overall I am REALLY happy, even though it has been an exhausting week to coordinate. I skipped book club and we skipped playgroup (which is really poorly timed, now that she has an official "nap time"), but I think they were good sacrifices to make.

Yesterday, though, I was ready to get out of the house and had some grocery shopping that I really needed to do. Unfortunately, our car has been with the mechanic for 3 days - Wednesday, Thursday and still today! - and so Grace and I are still housebound, but no longer by choice! When Charles took the car to the mechanic he didn't take the carseat out, so I couldn't bring her anywhere in a cab even I wanted to. Luckily, our friends lent me their driver and car this morning so I could go to the store to buy some necessities: bread and diapers! If the car is not back in time to get Kristoffer from work today, I will be one very unhappy mama!

So what have we been doing in the meantime? Well, Grace is up to all kinds of new tricks.

She has done some helpful "new year" cleaning in her room.
She has eaten many apples, which is no surprise given that for at least 6 months of my pregnancy I ate up to 6 apples a day. What's funny is that since Kristoffer gave her an apple to eat like an adult last weekend, as opposed to cut up in baby-sized pieces, she almost refuses to eat apples any other way.
She drank out of a non-sippy cup by herself for the first time! She has always preferred regular cups to sippy cups, but this time she just grabbed it and started drinking without any help. It was just lucky that the camera was nearby.
And, as usual, she has been reading. At any given moment in our house you are likely to find Grace in one of the two following scenes:
If she does not turn out to be a librarian, author or illustrator...I will be surprised!

Grace has been trying to climb things a lot more lately, especially stairs. She pulled herself up to standing using our coffee table for the first time this week too. She wants to "walk" all the time and always knows exactly where she wants to go: across the street to visit her favorite creature on Earth, Tsavo (the golden retriever). It is so sweet how much she loves Tsavo; every morning after breakfast she is dying to walk over and visit him. When she hears him barking at any time of the day, she echoes by saying, "woof woof". It is not unrequited love either; Tsavo gets all excited and pants when he sees her coming and hears her babbling, giggling and squeals of delight. Finally, Grace started to say "bye" yesterday. She said it to my mom a few times when we were getting off of skype, then she said it to our neighbors last night after an evening visit to see Tsavo, and this morning she was sitting up in our bed waving to the door and saying "bye". Sometimes it sounds like "bah", sometimes it is very clearly "bye", and it is almost always accompanied by a wave. Is it very cute? Oh yeah.

I am also happy to report that Grace is finally growing some hair in the back. It is light for sure, but you can actually see it now!

It is not so fun to be stuck at home for a week but if I have to be housebound,
she's not the worst (and is possibly the cutest) company to be in.

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