Sunday, December 6, 2009

December 6, 2009 - Two Down, One to Go

Today is the 2nd anniversary of our arrival in Kenya. Two years - wow!

This time last year we were happily pregnant, both working at the UN and finally felt like we really live here. Now we are busy parents, one of us working for Grace full time and the other at the UN, and we feel that we know Kenya a lot more intimately than we did a year ago. We are certainly not naive about the realities of life in this country anymore and we are beginning to plan where this life will take us when Kristoffer's contract ends in one more year (November 30, 2010).

While our life has been enhanced a million times over since Grace's birth, I am not yet sure if she has made being here easier or more difficult. On the one hand, when you have a baby there is not a lot of time for being unhappy with your circumstances because there are too many things to do! On the other hand, we realize how little time our loved ones spend with our baby girl because we live so far away.

Either way, we are here for one more year and are hopeful that it will be a fantastic one. If you want to come visit us: the clock is ticking!

As for what is going with the little one: she is sporting two freckles these days, has cut a third tooth, and is increasingly mobile.

Grace shows us when she wants to be picked "up".

Grace does not want to be spoon fed anymore. She really won't eat pureed food or cereal too much anymore. She wants to feed herself so we tried to teach her to eat with a spoon:
you can see how that worked out!

Grace also tried to eat an orange for the first time yesterday.
She loved to suck the juice out!

Today Grace had her first swim lesson at a compound on our street with a really nice heated pool. She loved the warm water! Here she is with her teacher, Heather (an American mom), trying to learn how to blow bubbles (she didn't do it yet, but she watched intently).

We dunked her once all the way and she was shocked but didn't swallow water or cry. We played "Humpty Dumpty" and "Ring Around the Rosies" with the other babies (Kristoffer and I took turns with Grace) and it was really fun. We can't wait for her next lesson in January!

If this picture is any indication, I think she liked it too :)

Happy Kenyan Anniversary to us!

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