Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1, 2009 - Kristoffer's Field Pictures

These pictures were taken on my field visits in October.

Roof rain water harvesting at a rural school.

"Deforestation" caused by elephants at a primary school.

Common view from WFP Landcruiser in Laikipia (a semi-arid area).

Inefficient stoves used for cooking WFP school meals.

Entrance to a primary school.

This is a school kitchen; the women is the cook. Note that every child brings 3 liters of water to school every day because the school has no access to water.

The biggest tree Kristoffer has ever seen. It is a baobab tree, very common here.

Children outside of a primary school (staring at the Mzungu).

Drying rack for students' bowls after lunch.

After a long drought, the first drops of rain.

A hydropower dam...but very little water.

Chalkboard outside of a primary school, displaying the school's spending.

This is a household energy-saving stove that I am working on getting distributed to refugees in Kenya. I was testing it at home to see how much wood it used and how much time it took to boil water: the results showed that it used about 70% less wood than a traditional stove (1/2 pound of firewood to bring 2 liters of water to boil in 17 minutes).


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