Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 8, 2009 - Family Time

It might just be my imagination, but it seems to me that Grace is happiest when she is relaxing with both her parents. We had a really nice, relaxing weekend together. It started for Grace on Friday, when I decided to let her air out in her birthday suit for awhile after she just recovered from a somewhat nasty diaper rash (in the heat now she sweats a lot).

She enjoyed playing in her room and her can be found chomping on Baby Jesus from her "Little People" Nativity set. She couldn't quite give up control of her blocks though so she kept them nearby, which also kept my pictures from being too indecent :)

On Saturday the three of us went to lunch at "Amani", the cafe/playground where our playgroup meets every week. They serve delicious salads and treats in a really serene garden. There are always lots of families with babies there, and we even saw three other families that we know. Nairobi is a surprisingly small world.

Here Grace was trying out the slide for the first time. She took it very seriously and was not too thrilled.

I think this is the BEST picture of Kristoffer and Grace, ever! I guess people are right...she does look like him!
You can see a little bit of both teeth in this shot.

While we ate, Grace was happily emptying the contents of my bag...until...

her friend Molly came along (literally, Molly is almost 1 and a super-fast crawler) and wanted to share. You'll note that Grace's shorts were a little too big for her and kept falling off!

Even though it was hot out this weekend, Grace was a very happy baby.

Our weekend ended today at a lovely brunch (ok, we were eating from 1 to that really brunch?!) with several friends, some "usual suspects" and some new faces as well. Grace was really good for being out all day in the heat and we stuffed her with a lot of cereal before bed. Here's hoping she sleeps long and well in a repeat of Thursday night's performance. Tomorrow morning she goes to the doctor bright and early for her 8-month check up! Stay tuned for her latest stats!


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