Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 5, 2009 - Groupies

Grace and I had a fantastic time at our play group yesterday. It was nice to see my mom friends again and I was reminded of how important it is for the both me and Grace to interact with other moms and babies!

Grace is pretty cute with the other kids: she tries to touch them and talks to them and shares her toys (also maybe takes toys from other kids too...but they are babies, they all do that!). She is so stimulated that it is an easy few hours for me :)

There were 10 moms yesterday and 5 of us have been going regularly (when in the country) since our first meeting six months ago. We talked about how much the babies have changed and grown; three of the original babies have already turned 1 or will do so this month! We have grown accustomed to holding each other's babies while we take turns eating a salad or drinking coffee, and yesterday we noted that most of our discussion topics haven't changed in six months: sleeping, feeding, frustrations with Kenya, and developmental milestones. During our discussion yesterday, one of the babies stood up unassisted and remained standing by herself for over a minute for the first time. I desperately wished I had my camera with me because we were all sitting around her clapping and cheering, and she was standing there with this huge smile on her face. It was really special, almost like she had ten moms instead of just one!

On a day like today, when it is almost 4pm and Grace has only napped for 20 minutes since 6:15 this morning and I am exhausted and currently letting her scream in her crib because I need a break from holding her, I am especially grateful to know that I have that outlet every week and wonder to myself, "is it Wednesday yet?"


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