Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 4, 2009 - Ride On

Grace got a new toy yesterday. It is supposed to be a walker that turns into a rider, but Grace always has her own view of how things should go so she reversed the order. Even though she seems to enjoy practicing to walk with us, she was not so happy about doing it with this gadget. She does, however, really like to "ride" it, even though her little legs can't quite touch the ground yet! It also has a little basketball part to it and she likes the sound when we turn it on.

Kristoffer took Monday and Tuesday off of work to hang out with us and we had a great time. One of the things we did together was take Grace to a yoga class for moms and babies (Kristoffer was allowed). Let's just say that Grace was not a huge fan of yoga on the first try. She was really tired (the final vestiges of her jet-lag kicked in) and over heated quickly so she screamed big time. She ended up eating and falling asleep for the last 30 minutes, during which time Kristoffer did the yoga for all of us. We'll try again next week and see if it goes any better. Kristoffer is back at work today and we miss him, but we are also getting back to some kind of normal routine. Today we get back to our regular baby/mom's group and are interested to see how all the babies have changed in the last month!

Ride on, Gracie!


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