Saturday, September 26, 2009

September 26, 2009 - Seven Months Old

What the sign doesn't say, is that I haven't actually slept in the last 3 nights (thank you teething - this 2nd tooth is killing me!)! So even though I am still very cute, my parents look like this:

At 7 months old, I like to put EVERYTHING in my mouth...including this birthday card that Far got yesterday:I still like to put my feet in my mouth and yesterday I actually bit my own toe (and cried! my tooth is sharp!). Sometimes I can wave bye-bye, sometimes I look like I am about to crawl, sometimes I like to stand and pretend I can walk. I am a good eater but pears are definitely my favorite food. I am not a great napper during the day unless I am in the car and my parents really miss the 8 or 9 hour stretches of sleep at night that I was doing a week ago. I talk all the time and like to play with other babies. Sometimes when I meet new people I get a little scared and cry, but usually I smile at everyone and am very cute.

Most people think I look very Scandinavian and a lot like my father, but sometimes when I make certain facial expressions it is clear that I am my mommy's daughter too:

In five more days, I will go on two big airplanes (again!) to visit my Nene and Pops in Boston and I will get to see all my American aunties, uncles and cousins at Auntie Christine's wedding in Baltimore. Here's hoping I get my act together with this sleeping business before our 24-hour trip home.

It is 9 am and I have been up and about for 4 hours already (before that these parents tried to keep me in bed...but I wasn't sleeping!). I think it might be time to take a nap, or at least I should play quietly in my crib for a few minutes so that my parents have a moment to rest.

Happy 7 months to me!

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