Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 12, 2009 - Toothy Grin

Grace cut her first tooth today!

It is pretty tough to see - almost looks like it is still under the gum - but when you put a finger in her mouth and she chomps down, you can definitely feel that the tooth is sharp and above the gum. I actually called my mom to ask her if it counts as since it is hard to see. She confirmed that, indeed, it counts. And so I wonder: when did this baby get to be so big?!

I think it surprised me that the tooth came in unaccompanied by painful screaming, fever, or ear pulling. She hasn't been sleeping well this week which might be related to the teething , and the last two days she has been a little bit clingy and fussy, but certainly nothing that a little bit of Mom-and-Far-acting-like-goofballs couldn't assuage. I expected much more drama with her first tooth! We'll see how she does the tooth comes in more I don't know whether to expect more or fewer symptoms? In either case, we are excited for this milestone!

This is what Grace looks like today....maybe with a microscope you can see the tooth (Grace's bottom left side)?


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Katherine Andersen said...

Grace is so cute. And her first tooth! My goodness...I can't believe she's so big already! By the the shirt. :)