Sunday, September 6, 2009

September 6, 2009 - Poolside

We took Grace for a swim in our pool today for the first time. It was a hot afternoon - which is really nice since mornings and evenings are still pretty chilly here - so we were ready for it, but unfortunately the pool water was still a bit too chilly (our pool is not heated) for the little one.

Grace was ready to do laps with her goggles...
Sitting by the pool with Far was okay...
but when he started to get her wet she was not the happiest of campers. She loves taking her bath so much, though, that I am sure if we get her into a pool with warm water she will be a happy girl.
After the chilly water, Grace was happy to cuddle with her mama...

and then when we went home she watched some Danish soccer (last night's match against Portugal) with Far.
It was a nice way to end a relaxing weekend (albeit without electricity all day Saturday). We are hoping to have a better week this week - as in, no drama with our staff, no internet problems, and maybe Tuesday, Thursday and next Saturday will somehow escape our regularly scheduled power cuts. Here's hoping :)


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