Sunday, April 5, 2009

April 5, 2009 - Grace's Mini-Safari

Saturday we took my parents and Grace to Naivasha to the lodge that we had stayed at after during the December 2007 election. We went there just for the day to take a walk on the lake and have a nice lunch. This was sort of a mini-safari and was Grace's first experience seeing (through her closed eye-lids) animals.

This lodge is not on Lake Naivasha, but a smaller lake that probably used to be joined with Lake Naivasha called Lake Oloidon. This lake is just a little bit salty and occasionally has a few flamingos that got lost getting to Lake Nakuru, which is a large salt-water lake just north. Because of the lack of rain here (the long rains are about 3 weeks late now and before that it was a very hot, dry season) the water level is down and therefore the lake is more salty than usual. Almost all of the flamingos from Lake Nakuru - at least 50,000 of them - have thus been staying at Lake Oloidon and it was our great fortune to see them yesterday! We are so glad we didn't decide to take my parents to Nakuru to see the flamingos because they wouldn't have been there!

We also got to see about 50 hippos sun-bathing outside of the water during the day, which is also a rare find. We saw a few giraffes and zebra, some interesting birds, and some different antelope. It was nice to walk along the lake, although it was a bit like walking in an animal-poop minefield! Even though it was hot, there was a lovely breeze and we had a very pleasant guide named Peter.

Here are some pictures from the day (my mom wasn't feeling well so she didn't go on the walk with us):


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