Sunday, April 26, 2009

April 26, 2009 - Two Months and Growing

Grace is two months old!  We can hardly believe that time is moving so quickly.  And in the last few days we have experienced the growing pains of a baby her age.

Thursday, as I said in that blog, was a bad day for Grace.   She at least slept well that night; we find that she usually gives us one long stretch between 3-5 hours when we first put her down at night, and then after eating she'll sleep 2 more hours, eat again, and then it is anyone's guess what her schedule is from about 3-6 in the morning.  Friday started out like a really good day: she and I did our usual morning routine of tummy time, reading, and listening to music.  Then we went to the UN and met Kristoffer for a late lunch.  By the time we got to her doctor's appointment, I felt like she had fully recovered from her discomfort on Thursday.  

When we saw the doctor we learned that she weighs 4.7 kg/10.34 lbs and is 57 cm/22.44 in; that puts her still in the 75th percentile for length and the 50th percentile for weight.  She grew A LOT in the last two weeks!  The doctor was pleased that she is eating so well.  He checked her out from head to toe and assured us that she is doing great!  The concern that we have about Grace is with her left eye: it tends to be crossed or a bit lazy at a time when it shouldn't be anymore (in newborns it is common).  He agreed that it wouldn't hurt to have a pediatric eye doctor look at it because he could see what we were talking about, so this week I will get her an appointment to have a full eye exam.  All was well, and then came her vaccinations.

Grace had to get two shots and take one oral vaccination.  The drops in her mouth went well.  The shots obviously caused her to scream.  She had just eaten before getting the shots so she was full and we were able to soothe her to sleep pretty quickly after the shots.  We were told that she might get a high fever and to give her baby Tylenol if that was the case.  So...we come home, have a regular evening with a sleepy baby, and then at 10 pm she wakes up in what seemed to be a lot of pain.  She has NEVER screamed and cried the way she did that night.  It was terrible for us to hear and see her in so much pain.  It took us hours to calm her down and get her to sleep, and any time we tried to lay her down in crib she woke up in agony again so she ended up sleeping for about 90 minutes on Kristoffer and about 90 minutes on me.  It appeared that her stomach was the problem - she was having extreme difficulty pooping - and needless to say none of us got much sleep.  She did have a low-grade fever, but not a high one so we didn't give her the Tylenol.  Rookie mistake.  Next time, on my sister's advice, we'll give her the Tylenol before she gets the shots! When I called her doctor yesterday morning he said that sometimes stomach discomfort and general-unexplained-discomfort can happen after getting the vaccinations.  Yesterday she was a little better and slept for almost the entire day because she hadn't slept the night before!  When she was awake she was still a bit fussy, but the bad part for us came again last night because she didn't sleep longer than one hour at a time and was awake a lot of the night (obviously because she had slept the whole day!).  Today we seem to be having better luck keeping her awake and hope that tonight she will be back to her "regular" sleep pattern.

Such drama!  The good news is I suspect she'll be back to her "old" self tomorrow and can get ready for the new trauma of an eye exam (whatever that may be).  The bad news is that in one more month she gets another round of vaccinations.  Because we will be away for five weeks she'll miss her 4-month shots and so will get them at 3 months instead (the doctor says this is fine as long as there is 30 days between vaccinations).  And of course she gets more vaccinations here than if we were in DK or the US because there are more diseases here.

This weekend has been a real challenge for us as parents; it is extremely painful as a parent to see/hear/experience your child suffering and not be able to do very much to make it better.  Today we were happy to see her smiling again for sure!  

Also, on Saturday when she was a marathon sleeper, we took her to the recreation center so that I could have a good swim and Kristoffer could play squash and we also took her to visit the giraffe center and the elephant orphanage (where we saw the baby elephant my parents adopted for my sister and also the adorable baby rhino).  This morning we all went to brunch with some friends and she did really well, so we tried not to let her reaction to the shots spoil her whole weekend!

Here are the latest photos of our little one tonight - admittedly, not her/our best pictures, but that is understandable given her weekend!  Hopefully she'll be up to writing a blog of her own sometime soon.


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