Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 14, 2009 - Safari Baby

Everyone we met at our lodge thought we were so crazy for bringing Grace on safari! The thing is, she did really well! She came on all four of our game drives, sleeping through three of them and staying awake for much of the fourth one. This is a girl who loves a diesel engine Landcruiser and some bumpy terrain - we just strapped in her car seat and she was happy! We were sure to keep her covered in baby sunblock, all-natural-baby-safe mosquito repellent, and layered well for the chilly rides in the morning and our evening sundowner. She really liked her pink "safari hat" - thanks to her cousin Molly for the hand-me-down. The first night at the lodge she slept really well and the second night she didn't sleep at all because she had slept all day. One of these days she'll get her sleeping pattern straightened out.

It was a really fun trip - we saw so many cheetahs and lions, it was incredible! The champagne breakfast by the river with the hippos was serene and our private cocktail party as the sun went down was also very special. Grace also did really well on our plane rides. We didn't fly higher than 12,000 feet so the altitude wasn't too bad - she nursed going up the first time and slept the rest of the time; on the way home she slept going up, nursed in the middle, and slept going down! What a baby! We are hoping that is a good sign for traveling to Europe and the States come June...but we'll see :)

Here are some different pictures from the ones I put on my mom's blog, including Grace bathing in the sink at the lodge and a mama lion yelling at her cubs who were bickering with each other while nursing (it was so cool to watch while I was actually nursing Grace at the same time!). Check out my mom's blog for even more animal photos.

Now we are all just a bit sad (or in my case a bit more than a bit!) that my parents have gone. They were so helpful and wonderful with Grace, and Kristoffer and I enjoyed seeing Kenya through their eyes. They were much more open-minded and easy-going than we expected them to be - they tried so many new things; we hope they had a good time and that they can now picture what our life is like over here. We also hope they will come back! It is going to be tough for Grace to get used to only having me rock her everyday instead of my mom and having to nap NOT on my father! Good thing she'll see them in Boston in two more months :) And in the meantime, she is desperate to meet her other grandparents in Denmark - we leave for that trip in just about six weeks.


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