Saturday, March 7, 2009

March 7, 2009 - Simba's Due Date

Today is Grace's due date. We told her that before today we had no expectations of her because she was "negative days" old or "underdue". Now that she is full term, we are encouraging her to perform. Kristoffer is hoping she'll crawl soon...while I am leaning more towards strengthening her neck and focusing her eyes :) Ok ok, so I'm sort of hoping she'll be reading soon. Guilty as charged. We are so glad she came early - what would our lives have been the previous 9 days if not for her?!

I haven't uploaded any new pictures in the last two days to our computer, but this is one my friend sent me from the hospital when Grace was 2 days old. I love it because it is close up on her face (and let's be honest, all of the pictures Kristoffer took of Grace the first two days were of me nursing her so I don't have very many good pictures of her face!). Even since then, we can see that she has changed. Her hair has grown and her neck is much stronger than it was. Sometimes she seems close to rolling over! Now I get it when people say, "Oh, how quickly they grow up!" I wish I could keep her like this forever.


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Karin said...

Grace is beautiful!!! Congrats to you all.