Friday, March 6, 2009

March 6, 2009 - Mini Me

Grace does not look like me now, except maybe for her nose, but she does look an awful lot like me when I was born. Below is my baby picture: I have much different hair and a much different hairline than Grace, but the rest of our baby faces look the same! My birth weight was also only half an ounce more than Grace's and my parents say they have deja vu a lot because when Grace is hungry the way she opens her mouth makes her look like a bird, which is apparently what they called me as an infant because I did the same thing. Our big hope, of course, is that Grace retains her beautiful, blue eyes like Kristoffer and her eyebrows and fast-growing eyelashes indicate that she might just be a Danish blond. Lucky girl! I am sure her looks will change, but at least for right now...I think I'll call her "Mini Me".



(My parents brought about 50 baby/toddler pictures of me and even Kristoffer agrees that Grace looks like me at the same age. So I am not just a crazy mother...I mean, I may be a crazy mother, but not about this!)


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Jennifer said...

Love the "Made in Kenya" onesie!