Thursday, March 5, 2009

March 5, 2009 - Grace's First Blog


My name is Grace and...

When I was really small - you know, last week - I didn't do much more than sleep in my Far's arms or eat from my Mama. I have always been good at emulating my parents - when they stick out their tongue at me, I stick mine right out at them and when they open their mouths wide I can do it too! Now that I'm a week old I can also keep my eyes open for longer stretches of time. I have just discovered that I have a lot of cool stuff too, including my swing and a vibrating seat that gives me a good back massage. This week I have met a lot of really nice people; I love being warm in the crook of my Pops' arm and today my Nene taught me how to suck on a binky (pacifier or sut) instead of my fingers or thumbs. I also feel a little bit like I owe Nene an apology because I have already pooped and spit up all over her (not at the same time, at least), but I promise that I only do such things to people I really love!

I get the feeling that my Mama is a little bit tired...I am a pretty demanding eater at night so she isn't getting too much sleep, but she is surprisingly always in a good mood and never stops smiling at me. Far is the go-to guy when I really need or want something because he can't stand to hear me cry for one minute! I think I have him wrapped good and tightly around my littlest finger :)

Today I went to see Dr. Nesbitt. He told me that I gained back about half of the weight that I had lost as of Monday but otherwise my length and head circumference were the same as when I was born. Because I was born early I am only in the 25th percentile for my height but I am in the 50th percentile for weight. I had to have another blood test - thankfully Nene held me because my mom was crying too much - which showed that I still have jaundice and I should spend some more time in the sun. The doctor said overall that I am a healthy girl and I will go back and see him next week. I do have one blocked tear duct but he taught Far how to massage it to make it better and even though it looks yucky it doesn't hurt. Mama is going to see her doctor tomorrow because apparently she had to have a big operation to bring me into the world and the doctor has to check how she is healing. She seems to be feeling well though and she never stops telling me how much she loves me and how perfect I am!

Below is a slideshow so that you can see all I have done and some of the people I have met this past week (including neighbors, friends, and colleagues of my parents). If you want to see the pictures bigger, just click on it.

If Mama lets me, I promise I will write again soon! Thank you for all of the nice comments about me to my parents on the blog and through their email. Remember, if you want to see me "live", set up a skype account so my parents can introduce us!



Christina said...

Wonderful pictures! Hi Mr. & Mrs. Mueller!!! Congrats again to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hi Grace

Love your blog. Far better than Mama and Far's. It's nice to hear from someone else how they're doing, but it seems like they take good care of you. The only thing is that I expect your next post to be half Danish half American since you're being raised bilingual and the 'Far' isn't enough.

Stay safe and improve on your Danish to next time.