Sunday, March 29, 2009

March 29, 2009 - Grace Takes Tea

Well, she didn't exactly "take tea" (as they say in Kenya), but she did go on her first outing outside of Nairobi to one of the oldest tea plantations in Kenya. The five of us had a lovely, lovely day - the countryside just north of Nairobi and at 7,200 ft, is lush and green and beautiful, which is in stark contrast to much of the rest of the country right now which is experiencing drought and looks like a desert! The woman who owns/runs the tea farm is third generation doing it, and second generation born in Kenya. We learned a lot about tea! She was fascinating, as were many of the people we met there (people from all over the world!). My mom posted quite a few pictures on her blog so I won't repeat them. Except for...

Grace's outing started out like this:

And then a few times during the day this is what was going on (after she ate!):

Here we tried to take a family portrait but she was more interested in eating so it turned out like this:

Grace is getting bigger and is changing so much everyday. This week my parents will be at the beach until Thursday so we will see how we do during our days without them. Kristoffer insists on going to work - how dare he!


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