Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 26, 2009 - One Month Young

Happy One Month Birthday to me!

It doesn't feel like it has already been a month - I still remember those cozy, warm days in utero so well! Mama keeps saying how big I am getting so I suppose I have changed a lot since I was born. I am a really good eater so she must be right that I am gaining length and weight...that is why I keep rolling over! With all of my eating, I need some exercise too! She says that I go to the doctor in another 10 days to check on my progress.

This week we mostly laid low at home but today I did go to my first "wives club" meeting at the UN with Mama. All of the ladies there thought I was really cute and sweet. All week Far has been traveling for work and we have really missed him (especially Mama who has to feed, burp, change, and entertain me during the night all by herself! This is kind of rough for her because I still have my days and nights confused and usually sleep longer stretches during the day instead of at night!). I really like Far's soft voice and how gentle he is when he gives me a bath; he is also good for a foot rub so I am hoping to get one from him tomorrow night as soon as he walks in the door! My face has really filled out this week - I wonder if he will recognize me!

To celebrate being one month old, this morning after I rolled over I decided to lift my head all the way up and move it from left to right while lying on my belly. Phew - it was exhausting! Mama, Nene and Pops spend a lot of time sitting around staring at me and they keep hoping that I will do more amazingly cute things. Every now and then I have to throw them a bone!


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