Monday, March 23, 2009

March 23, 2009 - Let the Good Times Roll

Grace is almost four weeks old and continues to amaze us. We think she has been going through a growth spurt, which we've read is normal at three weeks, because on Saturday night she demanded to eat every hour! Literally! I got no sleep that night (and was a definite zombie on Sunday) and even though Kristoffer tried to calm and soothe her all she wanted was to eat so there was not much he could do to help me out! It might be time for me to start pumping so that he can share in a nightly feeding.

As she is getting bigger and stronger it is getting easier for her to roll over! Now, I'm not saying that it is very requires a serious investment of time on her part and on the part of her loyal spectators (aka me and my parents) and it makes her tired, but she did roll over again last night around 9:30 pm when she was wide awake and today at about 12:30 pm when she napping. She loves to be on her side and that often lends itself to her flipping. We thought that last week's roll was just a fluke, but it appears that "she is on a roll" as my father said (pun intended).

Kristoffer is actually away for work this week in northwestern Kenya near the border of Sudan. He is on a mission to verify school enrollment figures in an area where it is suspected that they are inflating their numbers in order to receive more food than they are actually entitled to from WFP. He left yesterday afternoon and will be back on Friday or Saturday evening. Grace will be a different baby when he gets back - she is changing so much everyday! And last night, thankfully, she was a much better sleeper so that today I look and feel like a human being again.

My mom and I went to a fancy butcher's this morning and bought lots of meat to eat while the vegetarian is out of the house. Shhh...don't tell Kristoffer! My parents are going to hopefully go on a small safari this week in the Nairobi National Park and also check out the elephant orphanage. I am sure they will have another interesting story or two for their blog!

This was Kristoffer and Grace's goodbye yesterday...(maybe I was secretly crying in the other room!)


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rebecca said...

Great photo! I love the updates- keep the pics coming!