Friday, March 20, 2009

March 20, 2009 - Red White and Blue Baby

Today Grace became an officially documented US citizen. Because she is a "naturalized citizen" born to an American parent abroad, I am told she is still eligible to be US president (so watch out Barack Obama...after all, she can already roll over!). We applied for her passport and it will be ready on April 9th! We also applied for her social security number. This baby is all set.

And I am relieved to have done all of the documentation correctly so that the process at the US Embassy went very smoothly. thought it was pretty funny when the lady was looking at Grace and comparing her face to her passport photo. She was asleep but in the picture her eyes had to be open...I assured the lady that it was the same baby (and was very grateful that she didn't wake up Grace to see her eyes!).


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