Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 19, 2009 - Baby Rhymes (and some big news!)

I have lived three weeks of life so far
This week I went to the UN in the car
I met many people at the WFP
And everyone went crazy over little old me

The real trauma came later that day
For my passport picture I had to pose a certain way
Eyes open, two ears showing, no crying or hands showing
For a little picture that won't keep up with my growing

This week my belly has not felt so great
Spitting up and painful gas won't help me gain weight
Luckily there are lots of people to comfort me
And staying in motion makes me so happy

My mom has been reading me lots of Dr. Seuss books
I wonder if my rhymes are as good as my looks
Tomorrow we will visit the US Embassy
For citizenship and a passport just for me


p.s. I know there has been a request for me to blog in Danish, but I will need Far's help with that because my written Danish is not so good. He is very busy providing for me and my mom, but I will ask him to help me sometime soon!

Note: After Grace wrote her blog this morning we had a big event. I was sleeping in my bedroom and my parents had her sleeping on the couch in the living room. Grace likes sleeping all the way over on her side and we have been joking that if she could only get one arm under her body, she would actually roll over. WELL...let me tell you that she did that very thing today! My parents were watching her and the next thing they knew she was completely on her stomach! All of the baby books say that babies don't roll over until between 2 and 6 months. Seriously, she is 3 weeks old! Below is a picture of Grace sleeping on her belly. Now we have something new to worry about because babies aren't supposed to sleep on their stomachs! Still...we are very proud and will consider signing her up to compete in the gymnastics event of the Baby Olympics :)


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Joanna said...

Congratulations, Gracie! You are so talented! L, my moms' group teacher said if they can roll that way, they can get their faces out of trouble--you just can't swaddle them at night for the obvious no-arm-usage reasons. Shawn Johnson, watch your back!