Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 11, 2009 - Cozy Comforts

One of these days I will write about something other than Grace, but these days she seems to be my only interest!

When Grace has the hiccups or some gas making her uncomfortable, these two guys really know how to make her feel better:

Grace LOVES her bath time! In the hospital she was bathed every day, but the nurses were not nearly as gentle as her father. She is a happy girl during and after a bath:

And even though she is now a Grace and not a "Simba"...she has not forgotten where she came from:

I hope Grace's pictures aren't boring to our blog readers...I just can't get enough of her!



Anonymous said...

Lovely wonderful photos ! They have put a smile on my face to-night and brightened up my week !... Adored the 12 days of Grace - Keep writing Lisa ! Monique (xxx to share !).

Anonymous said...

She's so lovely and Kris so good for the bath!!!!!

Try to rest from time to time dear Lisa (alias mam) and you will lose also the remaining weight gained.

Paola (Kabul)