Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February 3, 2009 - Baby Doctor Round 3...and the winner is...

Dr. Nesbitt, the 4th pediatrician I saw today, is our guy!

I definitely had the "you're the one" moment during our meeting. He was very well-prepared with information for me about his clinic, he is the first doctor who asked me questions about my pregnancy, about our birth plan, about myself and Kristoffer generally. Even though his clinic is not at the hospital where I am delivering Simba, it is located in the local Children's Hospital here which has a good reputation. And, he receives babies at our hospital all the time so unless he has another emergency or is receiving another baby at the same time, he will be with us to receive and check out Simba at birth. He is Kenyan, but educated in Ireland and the UK and had a very easy, calm, knowledgeable manner about him. I can see now why every expat mother I know at the UN uses him for their kids! His was the most American-like office of the offices I went to and, whether or not that actually matters, it did make me feel really good.

He even has a website, should you be as interested in our baby's health care as we are (which I doubt...come on, you must have better things to do with your time than check out my pediatrician's website), and here it is: http://www.muthaigapaediatrics.com/index.cfm

So Simba has not arrived yet, but does have a doctor...whose phone numbers have already been saved into my cell phone :)


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