Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February 25, 2009 - Movin' On Up

My C-section has been bumped up to 7:45 tomorrow morning instead of in the afternoon. This is good because when you are the first surgery of the day there are no delays and all the doctors will be there (not caught up in other emergencies). It means that by tomorrow afternoon I will be encouraged to walk around, which is a good thing after spinal anesthesia. It also means that we have to check in to the hospital at 9 pm tonight and spend the night there (that's in 5 hours, by the way) because they want to do some tests on my heart/pacemaker and all my bloodwork tonight. I guess technically Kristoffer doesn't HAVE to spend the night with me, but he is going to anyway - we are in this together! So the countdown now is even more of a countdown!

Last night we went to our last lamaze class, which was actually helpful because it was about taking care of the baby and of me after birth/delivery! Our class was very supportive of my C-section tomorrow and the mid-wife who taught us promised to check on how everything goes.

Today is also Ash Wednesday, and for Lent I've decided to give up being pregnant. Effective tomorrow.
(come on...that is a funny joke!)

All joking aside, before I went to mass today to begin the Lenten season and say some prayers for tomorrow, I met with the anesthesiologist who will be in my surgery. It was great. She asked a lot of questions about my medical history, heart condition, pacemaker, pregnancy, etc. Then she explained to me step by step what will happen from the time I check in to the hospital tonight until the day after the surgery. It was very helpful. I thought she was very professional and she definitely understood my concerns about the spinal anesthesia and addressed those concerns. I think it is going to go so well!

We appreciate all of your thoughts, wishes and prayers. Time Zone Check: the surgery is at 7:45 AM Kenya time, 11:45 PM (tonight) East Coast US time, and 5:45 AM Danish time. We are so, so excited and can't wait to tell you all about our baby!

Happy Almost Birthday to Simba and Mormor Karen!

Love, The Almost Mommy


Jordan said...

Lisa and Kristoffer-
Congratulations on the birth of g.e.w. (i don't want to give away the sex beforehand) but my mom just told me and I am so happy for both of you!! can not wait to see pictures and hear all about it!
<3 Jordan

Amy said...

I have also heard the news and want to welcome baby Welsien to the world. I hope baby and mommy and daddy are ALL recovering nicely and get home to snuggle together very soon. Congratulation and Much Love!

mobo said...

Why is this blog not updated with the breaking news? :)

Gratz, hope you are all fine!

Now get those pictures online asap!


Paloma said...

It was a funny joke. hehe hehe

Felicidades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYY