Saturday, February 21, 2009

February 21, 2009 - Flipping Efforts

Here is a list of things we have done today to try and get Simba to flip - all of which were recommended by a midwife, other mothers who have had breech babies, my doctor, my acupuncturist, or the internet:

1. Acupressure points in my toes
2. Swimming laps
3. Doing handstands in the pool
4. Acupressure points in my toes whilst floating in the pool
5. Lying on a mattress that is elevated at the feet to relieve pressure/gravity on my pelvis (Kristoffer created quite the setup for me to comfortably lie in this tilted position)
6. Acupressure points in my toes whilst lying on the mattress in the elevated position (see #5)
7. Belly massage

The being on "all fours" position has not worked for me yet either and I am particularly uncomfortable in this position so I have sort of given up on it. But, tonight we will also do the moxa heat therapy and maybe try something recommended that involves my iPod and a flashlight.

IF Simba doesn't flip, nobody can say we didn't try everything!


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