Thursday, February 19, 2009

February 19, 2009 - The Heat is On

Last night's treatment to get Simba to flip was interesting. First my acupuncturist, Ketan, went over some really helpful suggestions for pain relief and comfort from her experience helping laboring women, both here and in the US. She explained that at this stage of my pregnancy (just about 2 weeks left until my due date) she couldn't actually do acupuncture on me because that would be very likely to induce labor...which is not something we want to happen until AFTER the baby has definitely flipped. Instead, she did a moxibustion treatment on me. Moxa is a Chinese herb that is heated and put on or near certain acupressure points to stimulate circulation in certain parts of the body (for a little bit on moxa you can go to: The points for encouraging the baby to flip are on the sides of my pinky toes.

Simba did not flip during the actual treatment, but s/he did move around quite a lot during and since then (actually is moving right now!). Ketan says that it usually takes a few days and she taught Kristoffer how to do the treatment on me for 10 minutes every day until Simba flips. I am really hoping that the baby flips before my doctor's appointment, but as long as it happens before I go into labor than that is OK by me. She has had great luck with this treatment before and said that it almost never happens instantly. She is really great and gave us lots of great tips on labor and delivery in general.

Yesterday was the first day that I did absolutely nothing - literally, I gave myself a day of bed rest and didn't run errands or anything until my 6 pm treatment with Ketan. I hadn't slept well the night before so I slept a lot during the day and read a book. It was very relaxing and got me all ready for a busier day today. I have a "wives club" meeting (although there is now one husband among us!), a book club meeting after that (supposedly 3 other people read the book I picked this time!), and am having lunch with a young American woman who I am becoming friendly with; she and her husband work for the NY Times and are also expecting a baby a few months after Simba is due.

Simba would also like to wish his/her Auntie Meghan a happy birthday today!


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Glitch said...

Hi Lisa!

Just wanted to say that I'm eagerly awaiting Simba's arrival from all the way over here in NYC! I'm sending good "flipping vibes" to Simba as well!

Michelle (Starin!)