Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February 17, 2009 - A Ready Nest

Nesting is officially complete today as we finally have a changing table pad, complete with custom-fitted covers that make it a lot less ugly than it was in its original (and expensive) state. Sheesh...it was the only normal changing table pad in all of Nairobi (literally, I went to every single possible baby store. No joke.)! And of course I mean that nesting is complete...but maybe only until my parents arrive in two weeks with 3 boxes/suitcases of baby gear from my shower in December for us to unpack and organize. It will be like having my shower all over again to re-get all of Simba's cool gear and all of the books that s/he was so generously given. We also bought a new-to-us, used-in-great-shape refrigerator last night because our previous one was too small (in addition to the new stove/oven we bought last week), so we are really, really ready for the baby and my parents to arrive and live in our home!

We (read that: I) will not buy one more thing until we either run out of the teeny-tiny baby diapers I already bought or until we realize that for some reason they don't fit our baby! In terms of our house, there is still a perfect piece of artwork or two that we that we are hoping to discover for some of our walls, but really Simba can live without them and looking at our bank account I think we can too for awhile.

Yesterday I discovered on a Skype call with my parents that our Skype connection is much better now on our new computer than it was on our old one. In efforts to cut back on our international phone bill (which I am sure will be assisted greatly when my parents are actually in Kenya and I am not calling them after every doctor's appointment!) we would like to try skype-ing more! The Skype username we use most is "robolisa" and if you have or get a Skype account, we will be happy to add you as a contact on there. When Simba comes, we can pump his or her cries all the way to a live studio audience right in your very own home in whatever country it is that you live. Unfortunately, video connection doesn't last very long because the bandwidth here is so slow, but of course we can always try that out too so that you can get a glimpse of the baby. If you don't already have a Skype account - go get one! If you have one that we don't know about it - tell me! We only turn on our Skype when we were are actually able to talk - remember that we are 8 hours ahead of the East Coast in the US and 2 hours ahead of Denmark.

Tonight is our 5th Lamaze class (only one more to go next week!); we are pretty psyched that Simba has made it this far. AND...the best news of all is that tomorrow evening I have an acupuncture treatment to facilitate Simba's flipping out...I mean, flipping over to the correct "exit this way" position. I am sure it will be a great and interesting experience; the acupuncturist is also going to teach Kristoffer some ways he can use acupuncture and massage to alleviate my discomfort (read that: excruciating pain) during the natural delivery I am hoping to have. Will definitely keep you posted!


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rebecca said...

Instead of skype, try GMail's new video chat. It's really great! You just need a webcam and you click someone in your chat list and "invite to video chat." You don't need a headset if you're ok with the sound playing out loud. You can also plug in regular headphones if you prefer.

It will be great for people who want to see the baby as you talk! Let me know if you'd like to test it sometime!