Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February 11, 2009 - No News Yet! 24 days to go

Not too much new and exciting to report in Nairobi this week. The last two days I have had a lot more energy than I had last week which initially made me wonder if that meant the baby was coming (because supposedly you get a burst of energy before you start labor), but my sister reminded me that perhaps my boost of energy is because I am not being drained by a nasty parasite anymore! I have one more day of antibiotics and am definitely feeling better. I see my doctor this coming Friday afternoon as well.

Last night we had our fourth Lamaze class. This time it was a lot about newborns/infants and their different states of activity and sleep, how to bond with them, etc. We also practiced more breathing techniques and talked about pushing during delivery. The mid-wife gave me some exercises to facilitate Simba flipping over (s/he is still breech!) but when I tried them last night at home I found that they are SOOOO uncomfortable because I am so big. I will keep trying, but am not sure that at this stage I can do them for a sustained amount of time which might render them useless. Let's hope not!

Assuming we make it to next week's class, we will learn about breastfeeding, we will discuss medical interventions (C-section, epidural, vacuuming, etc.), and we will take a tour of the hospital's labor/delivery facilities (which Kristoffer and I have already done but it can't hurt to look at it all again). There is another couple in the class due a few weeks after us and when we walked to class last night they were like, "Hey! You're still here!" Everyone must be wondering if we will make it for the next two classes!


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