Friday, January 30, 2009

January 30, 2009 - Flipping Around

Today I had a big baby-prep day.

First, when I was out running some errands I bought diapers. To be specific, three different types of newborn diapers from Pampers. I don't know how much Simba will weigh (and everything here is in kilos, which still confuses me) and each kind of diaper had a different weight I bought one pack of each. And some baby wipes. I assume this is a very "first time" mother thing to do. Now if the baby comes early, we will be able to keep his or her bottom fresh....although I have yet to find a pad for the changing table. It's on the list for next week.

Next, I met with an acupuncturist here - she is a great woman and I felt a very strong connection to her when I met her for the first time at Thanksgiving - about what she can do for women in labor and delivery. It turns out that she can't do that much actual acupuncture because during labor you aren't just lying still in a bed, but there are certain moments when she can do a little acupuncture and many moments when she can do different relaxation therapies and provide general support, similar to a doula. As of now, I am pretty convinced that I want to deliver Simba without an epidural or anything and so she is a good option for helping me cope with that. Kristoffer and I haven't decided how involved we want her to be, if at all, but I had a great conversation with her and I am happy to have her as an option.

Finally, we had a doctor's appointment. Turns out my iron is a tiny bit low, although not in the anemic range thankfully, so I have to eat more spinach! Also turns out I might have a urinary tract infection; I am getting retested tomorrow so that by the beginning of the week I can be put on antibiotics if that is the case. I don't feel sick or like I have a UTI, but it can be really bad for Simba if I do and it is harder to detect when you are pregnant because you are so used to your body doing crazy things. I haven't gained any weight in two weeks, but the doctor did not seem concerned about this because I had gained so much in the weeks prior to that. We mostly discussed more details about the hospital and the baby's positioning. While Simba cooperated two weeks ago and turned to the proper head-down position, currently his/her head is up in my ribs. I knew that before the appointment - I actually think Simba has changed positions 3 or 4 times in the last two weeks and I knew that s/he had flipped again. I will have an ultrasound next week to see what s/he is doing...but clearly the baby is not ready to come yet (ok by me!) and we just hope that by the time my body starts to push him/her out Simba has decided to get into the right position. I am rejecting offers to schedule a C-section or to induce labor at a moment when we know Simba's head is down because I would really like this baby to come out as naturally as possible. We still have 5 weeks to go and I don't feel that that is too little time for the baby to get into the right position.

This weekend we still have our Danish friends visiting as well as a new visitor from NYC - it is a full house! Kristoffer's friend Stig is going to sleep on a mattress in the nursery and we hope to get feedback on how he thinks the baby will like it (not that it is finished yet...but getting closer).


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Anonymous said...

Simba will for sure like it - if just the walls could be decorated with pictures and the painting, but nothing seems to happen...