Saturday, January 24, 2009

January 24, 2009 - Happy Birthday, Pops!

FIrst, Simba would like to wish his/her "Pops" (my dad) a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today. Simba is really hoping that Pops and Nene will get here in time for his/her actual day of birth - which is expected exactly 6 weeks from day (a few days earlier than that would be OK by me).

The baby furniture did arrive yesterday ON TIME, which is the first time such a thing has ever happened in Kenya's history...or maybe just in our history in Kenya. We really like it and now I have all kinds of small projects I want to do to organize/decorate the nursery. I feel like every day I organize or reorganize much longer can this go on?! Even Kristoffer was as happy as I was when he saw the furniture in the room and last night he was like, "do you wanna go hang out in the baby's room?" Unfortunately, with the baby's room missing its key ingredient (eh hem...the BABY!) it is not that fun to just "hang out" in there...although Simba already has a lot of great books and toys to read and play with!

Last night two friends from Denmark - Stig and Steffan - arrived to visit for two weeks. They will go to the Masai Mara this week and next week will climb Mt. Kenya. It is fun to have visitors; Kristoffer was very giddy when he picked them up at the airport at 11:30 last night. Today we are going to take them to visit the By Grace Orphanage and will also give the orphanage some donations that people gave us when we were home in the US and DK. Tomorrow the guys will climb Mt. Longonot - Kristoffer's favorite thing to do with visitors...this will be at least his 4th time climbing the volcano!

Those are our weekend plans...hope yours is a good one!

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