Saturday, January 17, 2009

January 17, 2009 - 33 weeks down, 7 weeks to go

Today I am 33 full weeks pregnant and feel that I have earned every single one of those weeks! Yesterday we saw my doctor and had a great visit. We told her all about our travels, my doctor's appointments in the US, and current pregnancy symptoms. We also went over this week's ultrasound - sorry, the pictures are really not that fun.

Sometime between Thursday night and Friday afternoon, Simba did turn to get him/herself in position for birth because at my appointment yesterday the doctor could clearly feel that the baby is no longer breech - and I was being kicked in my ribs instead of much further down, which of course is a tell-tale sign. She was not worried about the breech position at this stage to begin with anyway - which was a relief to me - and she did warn us that Simba could turn several times again in the next couple of weeks. 36 weeks is when they normally hope the baby settles in a head-down position, but some babies turn even later. Bottom line: my doctor knows that I really don't want a C-section unless it is absolutely, positively, last-resort necessary. We will see her again in two weeks now (we're down to bi-weekly appointments! crazy!) and will have another ultrasound in three weeks time.

I did the usual urine and blood tests and will get results next week; my blood pressure was lower than it has been in a long time (99/69) so that is something to watch a little bit, but my weight gain is undeniable and she was happy to see that the baby has grown so much. When I told her that I thought the baby was huge because I feel so huge she laughed and reminded me that the baby is surrounded by all kinds of good stuff in there that also add to my weight gain. On Wednesday, our baby was 1918 grams (almost 2 kilos or about 4 lbs) and will continue to gain up to half a pound a week for the next several weeks - s/he is right on schedule. We also learned that, like most doctors in the US I believe, if the baby happens to be very late then I will be induced at 40 weeks + 10 days. Let's hope we don't need that! I will be happy with a few days early or right on time :)

So what's next? Well, we start childbirth classes on Tuesday evening and are both looking forward to that. We know that lots of people don't take them, but we feel that more information is never a bad thing and we like to be as prepared as we could possibly be given that we will probably have no control over how/when the baby decides to enter the world. At my appointment in two weeks we will complete a "booking form" for the hospital, which basically gives all of our info, my doctor's info, our pediatrician's info, birth plan, etc. so they have an idea of how many women are due at what time and so they can be prepared for when we show up! Which brings me to the next big task in the next two weeks: finding a pediatrician. My doctor recommended three pediatricians who I will interview, and then whichever one I select (I say "I" and not "we" because Kristoffer has given me full license to make this decision) will be present at our baby's delivery and for all subsequent appointments, etc.

This weekend we will continue the hunt for baby furniture (does it stress anyone else out that we don't have a changing table yet? forget the crib, at least we have a cradle...but come on!) and hope to finish up the baby's room in the next few weeks. Right now it is just a dumping ground for all things baby (where previously it was a dumping ground for all things to be packed for our trip and before that it was just a dumping ground!).

Yesterday and today we have received/are receiving quite a bit of rain in Nairobi. This is VERY good news as the December rains failed and the country is in a serious drought. We hope and pray that they are getting some of this rain up-country where they need it the most. We could watch the local news to find that out, of course, but in typical Kenya-fashion our cable is not working (because of the rain) and, even as I write this, our internet access is intermittent at best. Welcome back to Kenya ☺


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