Friday, January 16, 2009

January 16, 2009 - We Wrote a Book!

Two of our very, very dear friends - Jean and Jennifer Wollan - gave us an incredible Christmas gift this year. They took all of our blogs from our first year of living in Nairobi and published them into a beautiful, hardcover book. The website/software they used to do this is at and we know that it was a labor (of love)-intensive project. You cannot imagine our surprise to find that our blogs were turned into a 204 page coffee-table book! It is especially cool for our baby to have my pregnancy documented so beautifully.

It is an extremely high quality, although not inexpensive, book; should any of our family/friends/blog readers be interested in purchasing it, just go to this website:

Thank you, again, to Jean and Jen for such a special gift!


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