Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January 14, 2009 - Not Ready Yet!

Today Kristoffer and I went for Simba's ultrasound. Our little one is measuring to be an average sized baby...which is a surprise to nobody but us probably because I feel SO big that we were thinking the baby might turn out to be huge. Guess that's just my body! I saw a lady at the store just before the ultrasound who is due the exact same day and she was MUCH smaller than I am. She was like, "Really? You aren't due in the next two weeks?" I like to think it is because she was much taller than me, but who knows...everyone body and baby are different!

Back to the ultrasound...Simba's internal organs are all working and in the proper location. S/he had a good heartbeat at 141 beats per minute and there were no more signs of the calcium deposits in the chambers of his/her heart as we had seen in our last ultrasound. We actually found that the images in this ultrasound are much less sharp and clear than in previous ultrasounds; the baby is big enough now that body parts take up more space and the camera can't actually "zoom out" to get a sharper view.

The only bummer is that Simba has not yet "turned" to have his/her head near the exit, if you know what I mean, which explains the constant kicking I still feel very low. S/he was in the fetal position with his/her head up near my ribs, knees bent, and hands totally blocking his/her face. Even though the doctor tried with the 4D camera to get a good look at the baby's face, Simba was totally hiding. The ultrasound doc (different than my actual obstetrician) said that we should have another ultrasound in 4 more weeks to determine if the baby is still in a "breech" position; if so, then at that time we could discuss delivery options with our doctor. Most doctors prefer to deliver breech babies via cesarean. However, I am not at all comfortable discussing the "c word" yet and from everything I have read our baby still has plenty of time to turn him/herself around before entering the world. We will discuss this more with my doctor at our regular appointment on Friday. I tend to think Simba's position is just his/her way of telling us that s/he is not ready to come out yet...and that is OK by us :)

If any of the ultrasound pictures come out clearly I will post them on Friday, but we thought they were much less cool than previous pictures we've seen. No waving this time! We start our childbirth class on Tuesday night - two hours, once a week, for six weeks - which means that we will finish the class about 10 days before Simba is due. Let's just hope that we don't give the final lesson by delivering our baby during that last class!


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