Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 31, 2008 - Ringing in the New Year

Kristoffer and I successfully traveled to Denmark the evening after Christmas, and spent our first two days celebrating Christmas with Kristoffer's family on his father's side. I hadn't seen his father, step-mother, or brother's family since our wedding, and I hadn't seen his step-brothers in at least two years so it was really fun. Everyone liked the African goodies we brought with us and Simba was given many lovely gifts from them as well.

On the 29th we left his father's and went to another celebration - his grandmother's 85th birthday!

Even though her birthday isn't actually for a few months, she wanted to have her party while we were all home for the holidays so that everyone would be together. My big belly and Simba's 2-month old cousin, Claudia, were big hits at the party. It was a really fun day and allowed us to spend good time with Kristoffer's extended family. We were received so warmly after coming home to Denmark for the first time from Kenya and we hope that Mormor Karen enjoyed her early birthday celebration. Below are all of us together, except for Kristoffer's aunt, Kitte, who is taking the picture.

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Kristoffer's cousin Klaus and his girlfriend Mette, who are Baby Claudia's parents, also gave me a little bit of practice with their little one which I loved. It is hard to imagine that in 9 more weeks Baby Simba will be the one in my arms!

After the birthday party, we went home to Varde with Kirsten and Hans and have been enjoying a few days of relaxation with them. Tonight the four (and a half) of us will celebrate the end of 2008 together, certainly an exciting year that we will never forget, and will welcome 2009 with all of the joy it will bring us.

On Friday we head back to the little island where Kristoffer was born, Als, to spend a little more time with his father and brother's family, and then we will visit our friends in Copenhagen for a few days before ending our trip back here in Varde on January 10th.

What a wonderful way to end this year and start the next...five weeks of fun, family, and friends in our home countries! We hope 2009 brings you many blessings and look forward to sharing ours with you through this blog!

As we say in Denmark: Godt Nytar! Happy New Year!

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Liv said...

What a funny family picture, so much going on!
Lisa is the only one who really looks great and has her attention on the photographer(Kitte).
Hans is wondering whether Kitte can manege to adjust the camera right and Kirsten is vondering why Hans is looking so suspicious.
Aja is also wondering.. or maybe dreaming of when she will hold a child of her own. Jesper seems quite fond of the idea.
Mette looks happy with her scarf (and maybe that some weight are off her arm, helt bogstaveligt).
Rasmus gets most of the attention, except for Josefines, who is on her third hour of puzzling with the jigzaw.
Gert looks a bit powdy(surmuler) that Kristoffer is so much taller, and Kristoffer has a big smile because he is standing on a chair, looking like the head of the family. The real 'godmother' is Karen, who can't descide whether the piture has been taken or not.
It was a lovely day.
Hope you have had a great vacation.