Sunday, December 14, 2008

December 13, 2008 - 28 Weeks Pregnant for Simba's Shower

Today it felt like Christmas came a little early! At 28 full weeks pregnant, my family and friends gathered for a surprise baby shower. My mom's camera broke so I have to wait for other people to send me pictures to post them, but it was a wonderful day! Everyone brought a book to help Simba begin an early love for reading. We also received a lot of adorable baby clothes and other gear - many of them animal themed! My family and friends were extremely generous, and several people traveled by road or air to get here to celebrate with us. It was especially exciting to meet my friend Sarah's 3-month old son, Luke, to receive a beautiful hand-knit sweater, hat and blanket made by my Mom (Simba's NeNe), and to get two of Kristoffer's favorite children's books from Simba's Farmor (Kristoffer's mom) in Denmark. We are so grateful to have such amazing friends and relatives, and our baby is very lucky to already be so loved!

Our trip in the US has thus far been great. Other than being a bit jet-lagged and waking up every morning at 4:30am ready to eat (that is lunch time in Kenya!), I am feeling really well. Our trip here, while long, went very smoothly and we have enjoyed relaxing with my parents, playing with Meghan's kids, meeting Christine's boyfriend and meeting my friend Joanna's 10-week-old son, William. We have also made great strides towards helping the American economy by shopping, but today's party was definitely the highlight for me! Tomorrow we are driving to New York City for a few days to see my doctor and visit my NYC friends, and after that my brother's family arrives from Chicago for the week of Christmas. It is so much fun to be home!

It is hard to believe that Christmas is still two weeks away, though, because we feel like we already have absolutely everything we could ever want!


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