Saturday, November 29, 2008

November 29, 2008 - Turkey Hangover

I intended to write this yesterday, but a very busy day at work left no time for blogging.

Our Thanksgiving turned into a much more festive affair than we anticipated! First we worked the whole day and both found ourselves extremely busy as we get closer to taking our leave. Then we went to our friend/neighbor's house (Mike and Caroline) to join them and their friends for Thanksgiving dinner. They have a great friend who often travels through Nairobi for his work and also happens to be an incredible chef. He made a turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, veggies, the works! The rest of us brought salads and desserts and it was a fantastic dinner party! It might be the most food I have eaten at once in my whole pregnancy - it was so good I couldn't stop! And when I woke up yesterday morning, the baby was not moving around nearly as much as usual in the morning and we decided that s/he probably had a bit of a turkey hangover. Too much tryptophan for Simba!

Even nicer than the incredible food was the wonderful company! We met another pregnant American woman who works for the NY Times, along with her husband here (but he was covering a story in Rwanda at the time), and we agreed to be mommy buddies next year! I met an American acupuncturist who was so friendly and knowledgeable(and for those who know my history with acupuncture - I would actually trust her as much as Ted!) and who we hope to see more of along with her husband. Everyone else was great too! It was a fun night of getting to know new people, laughing a lot, and, even though it had been a hot, sunny day and didn't quite feel like Thanksgiving without any family nearby, we had a really great holiday!

We are close to having all of our bills paid and other such business sorted out before we leave for 5 weeks, and we will both even do a little work this weekend to ensure that everything gets wrapped up at our jobs before we go. I am 26 full weeks pregnant today - only 14 more weeks to go! Simba is definitely growing, my balance is a little off these days so I actually have to waddle a bit to make sure that I don't fall over (I do have freakishly small feet), and with the hot "summer" season getting started my feet and hands are more swollen than they used to be (although thankfully the itchiness has gotten better!).

One more week and we'll be on our way home!

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Joanna said...

I've just caught up on your recent adventures--so great to find a fellow preggo and be mom buddies next year! Can't wait to see you guys soon and Happy Thanksgiving! :-) xoxo