Friday, November 21, 2008

November 21, 2008 - TGIF!

Kristoffer and I leave for the US two weeks from tonight...and even though we are SO happy it is Friday today because we've had sort of long week, we wish it was the Friday we were leaving.

You know when something small annoys you about someone, and then all of the sudden EVERYTHING about that person drives you crazy and they can absolutely do nothing right by you? Well...that is sort of how we feel about Kenya these days. This week our cable broke, our telephone line at home broke, our housekeeper shrunk some stuff in the wash, someone at work screwed up my paycheck, etc. On the scale of "no a big deal" to "life's serious problems" these are definitely no big deal...but they are all just making it that much more difficult for us to wait for our holiday. We know that when we come back in January we will feel refreshed and will be able to appreciate, once again, all the things we like about Kenya and Kenyans...but in the mean time, enough already!

As we wind down in these last two weeks we are both very busy at work: I am finishing up my current contract so I have a lot of work "due" to my boss and Kristoffer has to take care of a lot in preparation for being gone from his job for five weeks (we still can't believe they allowed him to take so much time off - we are VERY lucky!). At 25 weeks in utero, the baby is also growing and moving constantly - which is a fun distraction except when I want to sleep. It is hard to fall asleep when someone is constantly nudging at your insides!

Last night we watched the Abba movie musical Mamma Mia on DVD, which we "locally" purchased after it never ended up coming to the movie theaters here. I loved it, of course, and the baby was moving around a lot so I assume s/he loves Abba too. I think Kristoffer thought it was cheesy and predictable (although he didn't say so in those words) but seemed happy that I was not complaining about anything for two hours while watching the movie.

This weekend we start shopping for our trip home and hope, hope, hope to place an order for baby furniture to be made while we are away.

Thank Goodness It's Friday!

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