Monday, November 17, 2008

November 17, 2008 - Bizarro World

Today both Kristoffer and I felt like we were living in a strange, strange world - not necessarily for bad reasons, but we both thought that strange things were happening!

For Kristoffer, he had a very important, serious meeting this morning with officials from the Ministry of Education (a meeting which he was responsible for facilitating). It all went well and a few hours later, he found himself at a production plant for CSB (corn soy blend: a nutrient-fortified product WFP provides to schools for pre-primary school children to have morning porridge) walking around wearing a hair net as he learned about their manufacturing processes. He thought that was really strange!

For me, I was really busy at work but was distracted by strange noises coming from under and near some shelves in my office (which I share with 3 other people). After being convinced there was some kind of animal in our office, we notified the appropriate people and waited, waited, waited for them to come do something about it! Finally, it was so distracting that my colleague decided to hunt the animal herself. I was convinced it was a group of mice or a snake so I went out into the hallway, and when she started poking around a big black cat darted out towards her and jumped out the window! Phew - mystery solved - there was a cat in our office! We get back to work and within a few minutes hear more of the same scratching. So she decides to keep poking around and, sure enough, she finds an empty box with 3 very new kittens (their eyes were just opened so about 2 weeks old). Either the cat had the kittens in our office and we didn't know it this whole time, or she somehow dragged them in through the window when we weren't there at night or over the weekend. Now we have 3 kittens and no mama cat...we hope she comes back in through the window tonight to get them so that they don't die. We didn't want to put them outside or they would most likely be eaten by the family of 12 monkeys that hang around in the trees outside our window. Bizarro!

Finally, when we were driving home from work today we noticed that a lot of cars/drivers were behaving so strangely. They were all driving according to their own rules - cutting people off, driving on the wrong side of the road, etc. - and we saw several near-accidents. We couldn't quite get over it - even for Nairobi people were driving crazy! But then we got stuck in a horrible traffic jam shortly after noticing this and had to pull a bizarro u-turn of our own to go home a different way. You know what they say...when in Rome!

Nothing new on the pregnancy pregnancy was the most normal part of the day!


p.s. To add to the bizarro-ness of the day, Kristoffer and I have been sitting next to each other on our couch for the last two hours, on two different laptops, each working on a project for our respective jobs, without TV, music, or talking to each other. Believe me when I say this is VERY bizarre for us!

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