Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 11, 2008 - Simba's First "Game"

Last night Kristoffer went to watch a squash tournament (squash the sport, not squash the vegetable - K is all about squash these days) with our friend Mike and the chocolate chip cookies I made him, and I stayed home to lay on the couch and watch my favorite Australian soap opera. Shortly after lying down, the baby kicked and these days his/her kicks can be also seen by watching my belly. I decided to poke the little one back in the same spot, and within 2 or 3 seconds s/he kicked (or maybe punched!) again. I poked back, then the baby kicked, I poked back, then the baby kicked. We went back and forth at least 10 times before we both got tired of this game. I was so bummed to be alone because I wondered if anyone would actually believe that Simba and I played our first mother-child game! It was so fun! Perhaps some might say this was just a coincidence and that Simba was not responding to me directly, but I say BOO to that! It sure felt like s/he was responding to me! And it was totally awesome. It made me really excited to play real games like "peek a boo" with our baby in the future.

My latest pregnancy symptoms include strong cravings for milk and very, very, very itchy feet (like around my arches and toes...so weird!). I am also pretty tired these days - almost in a first trimester sort of way - which I think is attributed to that fact that the baby is growing so fast. We have a 24 week doctor's appointment on Friday and will bombard her with questions about our upcoming travel, dealing with jet-lag, and scheduling our child-birth classes. We will also take a tour of the hospital pavillion where the baby will be born.

March 7th definitely seems closer everyday!


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Anonymous said...

hey ms mueller... Mrs. W i should say!!! this might sound weird but in my country (montenegro) theres a superstition that says when ur feet are itchy that means your going someplace. and technically, you are going somewhere, in less than a month you and your husband will be traveling for the holidays. ahaha thought i should share that superstition with you lol, hope everything is good! miss you

<3 Aida K.