Friday, September 26, 2008

September 26, 2008 - Home Sweet Home

These pictures are also quite belated, but they are of our house in Nairobi. As you can tell, we have really only decorated one room of the house so far, but it is the room we spend the most time in so we are definitely enjoying it. Before the baby arrives, we hope to have the rest of our act together. Anyone with interior design aspirations is welcome to come help us out :)
This is our house from the outside. We are living in a compound of 10 houses (with a pool and sauna that we share) and our house is in a valley so we are located at the bottom of a hill.

The first floor of our house has one bedroom with it's own bathroom. There is also a guest bathroom in the hallway...but I didn't take any pictures of the bathrooms because they are really not that interesting.

This is our kitchen, taken from where the refrigerator even though you can't see the fridge, we have one and you shouldn't fear that we aren't eating well-preserved food :) We do not have a microwave, but that is not because you can't get them is just because we have not bought one!

This is our dining room. The white curtains have a black giraffe print that can also be found in the soon-to-be nursery. The Masai tablecloth is courtesy of Kirsten and Hans :)

The two pictures below are of our downstairs living room, with the furniture we had made at our first apartment here. We actually think the furniture is comfortable, but the furniture (especially the coffee table!) is poorly made. It is a huge room and is very nice both in the sun and when it is cold because of the fireplace...but we absolutely cannot decide what to do with it. You can see in the second picture that we have a little veranda out onto our small garden.

This are the stairs from the front hallway door that go upstairs.

This was an early Christmas gift from Kirsten and Hans that hangs on the large wall (high ceiling!) as you walk up the stairs. It is even more beautiful when you see it in person :)

Upstairs we have 3 bedrooms. The first bedroom is currently our "office" but will be the baby's room. It has its own full bathroom.

This is the second bedroom upstairs, also with its own full bathroom. It has been called "Christine's Room", "Mor and Hans' Room" and "Morten's Room" in the time that we've lived here.

This is the master bedroom on the second floor. You can see our big mosquito-free bed, which we love. The room is quite large but we don't have much furniture, because as you can see below this picture we have a walk in closet with built in shelves and drawers (that's the style here) that leads to our master bathroom.

These two pictures show our upstairs living room, which is in the middle of the three bedrooms (sort of like a loft?). This is the room we have happily decorated (with me at 12 weeks pregnant standing in it).

Outside in our garden...we have beautiful roses!

We hope you have a better idea of where we live now. Our compound has excellent 24-hour security, along with walls and gates and wires for our safety, patrols in the neighborhood and guard dogs in surrounding compounds. Despite what people fear about Africa, we are clearly not living in a hut and you can be sure we couldn't afford to live in a house like this in the US or Denmark at this stage in our lives. We hope even more of you will come visit soon!



Mirelis said...

WOW. That is an amazing house! Definitely a house that would be really, really expensive here in the states. You look soo cute, too! God bless you guys and the baby!
love, Mirelis

Vicky said...

Hey Guys!
Life in Africa seems so wonderful. I wish I could come and visit. Please keep this blog updated. It is a terrific way to keep in touch. Sending you lot's of love and only the best wishes for the both of you and the precious bundle!