Friday, September 19, 2008

September 19, 2008 - Masai Mara Pictures (belated, take 2)

So...shortly after our safari with Kristoffer's Mom and Hans in July I tried to post a slideshow of pictures from our days at the Masai Mara and our brief visit to the Nakuru National Park. Come to find out afterwards that I am pretty much the only person who is able to see the slideshow, for some technological reason that I don't understand. Because they are so pretty, below are some of my favorite pictures (mostly taken by Hans) from our safari. I think they are self-explanatory (Masai people...animals...animals eating other animals ...sunset...the flamingoes and rhinos on the beach are from Lake Nakuru and not the Mara).

This was very early in my pregnancy (like 4 weeks?), which is not obvious except I think I look a bit puffy. It was an amazing trip for all of us; I was a bit uncomfortable in the car and was learning to deal with both a changing appetite and regular fatigue but still managed to appreciate how amazing Kenya's wildlife really is. And believe you me when I tell you that I have gone to the bathroom in the wild with the wildebeasts (gnu) and zebra more than any other visitor to the Mara ever! Enjoy! LMW


Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa,
Some lovely pictures of Mara to highlight the end of the week. They are superb and I will show them to my class on monday. They are studying Kenya with G. I hope that by the time you read, your Msungu will have returned to you and Simba ! With love. M & G.

Uncle Gert said...

Kaere Kristoffer !
Om faa timer er det din foedselsdag.
Vi oensker dig hjertelig til lykke og haaber, at dit kommende aar bliver lige saa lykkeligt og begivenhedsrigt som det, der slutter i aften.
Det var synd, at du ikke naaede toppen, men din handling er totalt respektabel.
Vi vil bede dig hilse Lisa, og du må gerne give en bloed og kaerlig hilsen til hendes mave.
Gert og Kitte