Saturday, June 21, 2008

June 21, 2008 - Still Jet Lagged! AH!

So...the night before I wrote on the blog last I had a good night's sleep. The two nights since then have not been so good, and so I am left absolutely exhausted all over again. My body cannot seem to figure out what it is supposed to do! Either I can't fall asleep for hours, and then only sleep a little bit before I should be getting up for the day OR I fall asleep quickly but only stay asleep briefly and am then awake awake awake. I just want to not feel tired!

The good news is that Kristoffer came home last night and we are happy to have the whole weekend together. It seems like forever since that was the case (or the last weekend we had together I was post-op and so it was not that fun). Christine and I had a nice day yesterday which involved her buying some Kenyan souvenirs and me buying Kristoffer a surprise for our upcoming wedding anniversary. When we were shopping we ran into Officer Kirimi, the Diplomatic Police Officer who was handling our stolen sim card case, and he was so happy to hear of T-Mobile's debt forgiveness. He was really nice and said we could come see him at any time; it is nice for us to feel that we have a law enforcement ally over here. Also, when we were shopping around the Masaai market (with local, Kenyan items) I realized that I have lived here awhile because many of the vendors know me (some even by name!)! I got Christine a great deal on some things she wanted because I knew the lady selling them.

The last bit of news is that The UN Environmental Program has expressed interest in hiring me for 6 months. While I don't think I will pursue the position because it doesn't have anything to do with education (and in fact it is in the HR department which is not really my interest), it was flattering to know that my resume, which they received from the spouse office, was of interest to them.

We are off to look for furniture and paint now...still no internet at home, but hoping, hoping, hoping it will come soon!


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