Sunday, June 29, 2008

June 29, 2008 - 5 Years!

So...Kristoffer and I met five years ago today. Maybe it is a silly anniversary to remember, except that we have changed so much since we met! Last night we played a game as we were falling asleep (well, Kristoffer was falling asleep and I was just getting ready for my night of resting but not sleeping) to list all of the things that are different about the other person since we met. Our lists were so long! When we met I hadn't moved to NYC or started teaching yet, Kristoffer hadn't finished his master's degrees, we were both eating meat, and both of us weighed more than we do now! Those are only small things of course, but it is fun to think back on the last 5 years and how we got to where we are in Nairobi, Kenya now. I can remember one of our first conversations when Kristoffer told me that he always hoped to someday live and work in Africa. He did a great job making that dream come true!

Just a quick stop at the UN today but now we are off to go interview our housekeeper. More stories on furniture and camels to follow in the next blog...


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