Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 10, 2008 - I am not 80-years-old...

...but I did have a very good visit with my pacemaker surgeron yesterday. Dr. Grossi, who is the Chief of Cardiothorasic Surgery at NYU (which I was too out of it to appreciate a few weeks ago, but it is really no small title!), says that I am healing well and that my pacemaker is working perfectly. It has already prevented me from fainting 6 times, which is a good reminder that I really do need it! He said I am allowed to lift my arm up now, but still can't exercise for 6 more weeks. The best news of all is that I am allowed to travel back to Kenya!

I will leave this Friday night and arrive Saturday night to see Kristoffer and our new house, as well as my sister Christine who is once again in Kenya for work. I may not start working full time right away, but at least I can get back to my life. My parents have been so amazing the last few weeks, but when my father commented that I was living the life of a 63-year-old more than of a 27-year-old my eagerness to get back to Nairobi only grew!
You know how web-based email providers like yahoo, gmail, and hotmail scan emails for key words to provide targeted advertising? Well, for the last two weeks gmail has scanned words such as "pacemaker" and "surgery" pretty frequently in my emails so that all of my advertising is for senior citizen life insurance, AARP membership and discounts, and assisted living facilities! So annoying! I look forward to emailing from Nairobi where I get ads for safaris and African merchandise - they are a little bit more my speed!
I hope to quickly get back to providing details and insight on unexpected events in Nairobi and the differences I notice living there. Maybe I will even post pictures of our new house! As soon as Kristoffer gets the internet up and running I will be sure to let you know :)

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