Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 7, 2008 - Remember me?

I am still in the US and having a great time with my family. This week I am also visiting some of my friends and will spend two quick days in NYC next week before I head back home to Nairobi. I know it sounds funny for me to call Nairobi "home", but since getting married I really do feel that home is where my husband is, and this is the longest we have been apart since we got married. We used to be so used to be separated but now it is much more difficult! So even though next week when I leave I will sad to say goodbye to my family and friends again, I will be very happy to see him!
I have done A LOT of shopping while I've been home. Clothes, shoes, books, DVDs, etc. are much more expensive in Kenya and after this trip we won't need to shop for anything but food for another year! I have certainly done my part (and maybe a few other people's parts) to stimulate the American economy. I know that Kristoffer has been working extremely hard; the rising food prices and humanitarian crisis in Kenya have presented many challenges for the programs he works on. I have also read and heard from him that many IDPs in Kenya have begun to be resettled to new homes by the government; I am sure the situation is still horrible for thousands and thousands of people, but hopefully the government is starting to make better decisions for its people.

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