Monday, May 19, 2008

May 18, 2008 - The Heart of the Matter

Well, this blog announces another surprise from me!

Before I planned to head back to Nairobi last week, I made an appointment to see my cardiologist; especially because my pacemaker gave me some trouble in January in Kenya I really wanted her to check me out. As it turns out, in addition to my battery getting lower, both of my leads (which are essentially the plugs that go into my heart from the pacemaker to keep it beating properly) are not working the way they are supposed to be working. After consultation and serious deliberation, Kristoffer and I decided that I should have the surgery to almost entirely replace my pacemaker sooner rather later. We could have waited until December, but for the next 6 months we would probably be worried about what might happen with a not-fully-functioning-pacemaker and my activities between now and then would also be somewhat limited.

So, my surgery is actually this Tuesday morning at NYU Medical Center. Kristoffer flew in from Nairobi yesterday (thank God!) and will stay for the next week. We are not yet sure when I will travel back to Kenya, but hopefully it won't be too much longer. The surgery is a bit more involved this time around than when I got the pacemaker 8 years ago, but I have great confidence in the cardiac medical team at NYU. My recovery will be the same as or a little harder than the first time, with at least 6 weeks of limited movement of my left arm. If the surgery goes smoothly and I am doing okay post-op, we will be drive back to my parents' house in Plymouth on Thursday (my mom is coming to NYC with us tomorrow).

If you read this before then, please just keep us in your thoughts and prayers on Tuesday morning. A lot of good energy coming my way certainly can't hurt us! Hopefully, I will soon be back to reporting the news from Nairobi.



Joanna said...

Lots of prayers and love coming your way, Lis, and positive thoughts of a speedy recovery. We love you and your crazy ticker! J & Dave

Anonymous said...

Hope that the surgery went well Lisa. We are thinking of you and hope that with Christofer's at your side, you will recover quickly. Take it easy and let the rest of the world look after you.
Lots of love.
Monique and G. xxxx