Sunday, April 27, 2008

April 27, 2008 - American Religion

The weather in Kenya has become sort of interesting. It is raining more than it was before and not only at night, so that usually it is cold and rainy in the morning, sunny and warm/hot in the afternoon, and then cold at night with rain again. You sort of need to be prepared with layers and rain gear at all times.
Kristoffer and I are feeling better this weekend. I seemed to recover much more quickly than he did, and he actually had to see a doctor to get some antibiotics for his infection. Our week was not a normal week because of getting sick - we didn't go to the gym or eat too much, and we were both pretty tired at work. For me, I finished up a big project I had been working on for my boss at UNICEF. I am happy because even though I am a volunteer, my name is going on the project as the editor (and partial writer, to be honest). I am told that is a big deal and will help me secure future work there. My new paid contract - after all this time - was sort of stuck and not going anywhere, and last week my boss started the process again and I am told it will go through in the next few weeks. For Kristoffer, rising global food prices are making his job very difficult these days.
I had a funny experience at work this week. One of the women in our office, a program administrator, was singing at her desk, apparently a Christian song. I must have been bopping my head along to her music or something and she said, "I like to sing Christian songs; they make me feel very calm," and I said, "That's really nice." Then she said, "Oh! Are you a Christian? Do you go to church?" and I said, "Yes, I am Catholic and I do go to church," and then she said, "Oh. I thought all Americans were Jewish. I didn't know any of them went to church." Isn't that so funny? She didn't think in a country of 300 million people, that there were any Christians? I think she forgot that we were colonized by the same people.
Sorry there isn't too much else to report. Hopefully next week we will have more to say now that we are feeling well again.

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