Saturday, March 1, 2008

March 3, 2008 - Flower Pots and Scaffolding

A lot of people have emailed me that they love seeing pictures on our blog, so here are a few more random ones. This is our apartment building and we live on the top floor. Our car is the white one parked in front of the camera.

This is a beautiful sunset from our balcony. We do have a very nice view, but because of the "u" shape of the building it isn't very private to sit out on the balcony so, sadly, it is an under-used feature of our apartment (although we do have comfortable balcony furniture).

This is some of the furniture we had made; obviously for our living room (we also had a kitchen table, chairs, bed frames, and a desk made). It is pretty bright fabric, our second choice because our first (somewhat less bright) was not available. The cushions are a bit too soft for my bad back, but we are otherwise happy with it.

This picture was taken from our kitchen window of the construction behind our house (causing our apartment to be SO dusty!). I took this picture because scaffolding here in Kenya cracks me up. They are just long tree branches tied together - it looks so unsteady and yet everyday there are guys sitting out there on the scaffolding painting or something. Scaffolding is like this is everywhere, not just in our back yard. It is totally crazy.

This is an infamous "matatu", as it passes us into on-coming traffic on a major road in Nairobi. You can see 3 people sitting across the back of the bus - most matatus legally seat 11 passengers (9 in back and 2 up front) but will ride with 14 or 15. Most traffic accidents involve a matatu in one way or another, and in fact just driving yesterday we saw an accident that looked like a matatu ran over and killed a little boy.

This is a picture of a flower pot "store" in Nairobi near our apartment. Because there are so many outdoor nurseries, there are a lot of places to buy various pots outside as well. The part that cracks me up is that at night they don't put any of the pots away. I wonder why people don't steal the pots every night! Kristoffer says they have security at night to catch thieves, but I have never seen security so they must be really well hidden. In a city where there is a lot of crime, I wonder how the flower pots stick around for so long!


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Joanna said...

These are great pictures! I love seeing the apartment building and your sunset. The scaffolding cracks me up, too. It looks like the beginnings (or remains) of a tree house.