Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March 11, 2008 - Pictures from Kristoffer's Mission

This is Kristoffer scooping bowls of food (rice and split peas) for children at one of the schools he visited. They eat out of these bowls every day with their fingers. The food Kristoffer is serving is cooked in an energy-efficient stove, which is still very rare here. They are expensive ($1,500) but the WFP is trying to find resources to put them in every school because they can save up to 70% of the current fire wood used for cooking in schools right now.

This is Ikeny, a SFP Field Monitor who trained Kristoffer on his first monitoring mission to Garissa, Kenya.

He is holding a bag of "wheat soya milk" which is a fortified morning snack for pre-schoolers. This particular bag, as you may or may not be able to see, was a donation from the government of Switzerland.

As opposed to the energy saving stove above, this is a three-stone jiko which most schools have and which is very inefficient. In many schools, children are required to bring a piece of wood to school every day to cook the food and, believe it or not, this is a huge burden on their families. Even when they do have enough wood, having enough water is an extreme challenge in the arid districts of the country.

This is a classroom in a mixed-gender Muslim school. You can see some teaching materials hung on the walls and that the classroom is very crowded.

This is a classroom at an all-girls Muslim primary school. Classrooms as full as this, or more ful, are very common here with a teacher shortage of 60,000 teachers between primary and secondary schools. This classroom is well-constructed and textbooks are available to the students.

This is also a classroom in a mixed-gender primary school. You can see on the blackboards in the back the students are learning basics such as days of the week, shapes, colors, and months. All teaching in Kenya is conducted in English, except for language classes in high school (obviously).
Much to Lisa's dismay, the back left part of the blackboard has the word "Wednesday" spelled incorrectly (Wensday)...but Kristoffer has reminded her that it is a really hard word to spell!

At the all-girls school, the children are lined up to receive their lunch. At this school and others, the children were fascinated to see a "Mzungu" (white person).

Here is a "water donkey" making 4 trips a day to provide water from a bore hole 2 km away to one school at the cost of around $8 a day.

Here are Kristoffer's new favorite animals - camels! It is hard to imagine that another animal could rival Kristoffer's passion for giraffes, but it seems that the camel has become a strong challenger. In Garissa, and other towns near the border of Somalia, Kenya is like a desert and the camels are many among its inhabitants. Too bad we can't have pets in our apartment!

Last but not least, this is our favorite picture. Look at these pre-school boys! Kristoffer showed the smiling one in the green and orange his picture on the camera. He was fascinated. It is likely that he had never seen a picture of himself before! He is just so cute :)


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