Sunday, February 10, 2008

February 10, 2008 - Church in Nairobi, take 2

Christine and I went to mass this morning at an Italian parish not too far from where I live. For the record, this was definitely a Catholic church and I confirmed that the one I went to before was definitely not. The church was more than full, standing room only! We managed to snag a seat in the back. It was a normal Catholic mass, with an occasional African drum and some clapping and swaying to boot. The biggest event of the mass for us was when we saw a woman leave the church towards the beginning of the mass wearing a t-shirt that read "Same Shit, Different Day." I kid you not! We could not believe our eyes and, in fact, we almost had to leave ourselves from a fit of the giggles! While her shirt was inappropriate for mass (and note that she did not come back in once she left), we thought that it was a pretty accurate statement for what life must feel like for Kenyans these days. Other than that, it was a perfectly normal mass and I will definitely go back there in the future.

The political news here is that at the funeral of one of the murdered MPs yesterday, Raila Odinga called for President Kibaki to step down and acknowledge that he stole this election. This was a big surprise, at least to the media, given that the day before Kofi Annan announced that Odinga and Kibaki were close to agreeing on a political solution. Odinga's tone at the funeral was not one that inspired confidence in his willingness to negotiate. I think it will prove to be an interesting week for the African mediators.


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Joanna said...

That tee-shirt sighting ALMOST trumps my funeral crashing on Ash Wednesday of 2007. Almost.